WATCH: Stephen Apkon speaks about the “power of non-violence” and his new film “Disturbing the Peace”

"Salon’s Carrie Sheffield sat down with Stephen Apkon yesterday and to discuss his new film, Disturbing The Peace, which focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Instead of zeroing in on the conflict itself, the award-winning documentary follows Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters who have come together to challenge the status quo and say 'enough.' The film’s subjects become non-violent activists who work to change the roles society has given them.

While the film is based in the Middle East, its themes are universal. According to its trailer, Disturbing The Peace is a story of what happens 'when we stop participating in a story that no longer serves us.'

Within the film and interview, Apkon emphasized having empathy for the other side. Putting yourself in your neighbor’s shoes, understanding where others come from and possessing the willingness to listen are more important today than ever.

'We are hoping to inspire a conversation, in which we are willing to make those hard steps in looking at the narrative, and taking responsibility for the world that we’re creating,' Apkon explained. ..."

Read more and watch a clip of the interview:

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Is World Peace Actually Possible, Especially Now?

Salon, November 14, 21016, with Carrie Sheffield

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Exclusive clip from Disturbing the Peace

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New Documentary Shows a Path to Nonviolent Activism, Peace and Coexistence at the Community Level

AlterNet, November 7, 2016, By Alexandra Rosenman

'Disturbing the Peace' explores a new path for Israel-Palestine.

"In a land of perpetual chaos, what does it mean to be a nonviolent disrupter? It's a question Stephen Apkon asked when observing the arrests of former enemy combatants of Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters who have formed an unlikely alliance against the status quo.

'I began the film in August 2013, researching, filming and following the activities of Combatants for Peace,' director Apkon told AlterNet.

Apkon, whose previous documentary work includes Enlistment Days (2012), had received an invitation go to the Middle East to see if there was anything new he wanted to say about the conflict. It was then he discovered the group that became the subject of his new documentary Disturbing the Peace.

'I met with people on a whole political spectrum and I really felt like people were stuck in their own ways,' Apkon said about those living in the region. 

He discovered the Combatants offered a refreshing model for nonviolent activism, peace and coexistence at the community level applicable around the world.

'They're community people taking responsibility. The power of a gathering of enemy combatants from both sides working together is extraordinary. They're the only group of enemy combatants in the world working together through non-violence,' Apkon said. ..."


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Traverse City Film Festival Awards Ceremony

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Ebertfest 2016: "Disturbing the Peace" Wins First Ebert Humanitarian Award

RogerEbert.com, April 18, 2016, By Nick Allen

"Friday's first screening marked a historic event in the 18 years of Ebertfest: the first presentation of the Ebert Humanitarian Award, a recognition for films that exemplify humanity and empathy. Directors Stephen Apkon & Andrew Young received it for Disturbing the Peace, which made its Special  Premiere at Ebertfest. It's about the horror of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict we have all heard about, but may have never seen expressed beyond our homeland media, nor shown with images of people finding love for the other side in spite of their trauma. With its soaring examples of the type of peace that could heal so many, it sets a high precedent for the fest's new humanitarian award. ..."



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