Ebertfest 2016: "Disturbing the Peace" Wins First Ebert Humanitarian Award

RogerEbert.com, April 18, 2016, By Nick Allen

"Friday's first screening marked a historic event in the 18 years of Ebertfest: the first presentation of the Ebert Humanitarian Award, a recognition for films that exemplify humanity and empathy. Directors Stephen Apkon & Andrew Young received it for Disturbing the Peace, which made its Special  Premiere at Ebertfest. It's about the horror of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict we have all heard about, but may have never seen expressed beyond our homeland media, nor shown with images of people finding love for the other side in spite of their trauma. With its soaring examples of the type of peace that could heal so many, it sets a high precedent for the fest's new humanitarian award. ..."



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